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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Article Submission Software Review – Article Post Robot, Instant Article Submitter, Etc

We promise to give you an honest review of different article submission software. We find using such tools very inexpensive and time-efficient considering it takes tremendous effort, and energies to submit to each article directory manually. Even article submission services cannot match the robust features provided in several of these tools and not to mention the cost savings we get when using these software. These article submission software carry only one lifetime price tag for unlimited submissions, and it can cost as little as what it would cost to submit 5 articles at some submission services. So here is our review on 3 of the best tools in the market based on criterion such as ease of use, number of functions, versatility and number of article directories the article submission software submit to.

Article Post Robot – Our No.1 Favorite for Article Submission Software

Article Post Robot | Article Submission Software


Article Post Robot developers have recently upgraded their software, adding more features and article directories to it. Now, it can submit to more than 400 free article submission directories. As usual, you can do so either automatically or manually. Our preference is for automatic submission whenever we use it as it runs quietly in the background, posting to each article directory with precision in the article format and category. We find the way they organize the article submission software systematic, very simple to use and yet robust enough to handle so many submissions in one breathe. Article Post Robot also submits to Yahoo Groups and there is about 50 over groups built-into the software. This gives your articles a wider exposure and distribution network to reach more audience.

Why We Like This Article Submission Software

The interface is like what you expect in the article submission directories. It is simple with easy to fill forms. You can also save different versions of author resource box and reuse them whenever you want. We love this article submission software for its automatic submission feature. With one click, they would submit to article directories one after another under the predetermined category you have selected in the software. A lot of software are unable to do this with precision and smooth handling.

There is another outstanding feature that would randomize the article submitted or create permutations using paragraphs from different articles you input into the software. This makes sure the articles you submit to the article directories are unique. You won’t see one article appearing in all the directories at the same time, and this also means that different versions of your article would appear in the search engines, and also stay indexed longer. Article Post Robot also allows you to add in new article directories you have found. Its intuitive engine can adapt to these directories, practically allowing you to submit to thousands of directories. It certainly deserves the No.1 spot.

Instant Article Submitter – No.2 Choice for Article Submission Software

Instant Article Submitter | Article Submission Software


Instant Article Submitter is similar to Article Post Robot in the sense that it also allows automatic submission. The article submission software takes your article and submits it automatically to 200 over article directories and major publishers. It also has a function that allows for scheduled submission and a spelling checker to ensure that your article is free from errors. They also come with free software called Instant Article Creator that would assist you to write powerful and convincing articles within minutes.

Why We Like This Article Submission Software

This article submission software has a killer interface and once again has nice icons and buttons. Its automatic submission feature works well just like Article Post Robot. The free gift Instant Article Creator is also very useful for anybody who finds it a challenge to write. The spell check feature is another plus point. If not for the lower number of article submission directories it can submit to, it would come very close to rival Article Post Robot.

Article Submission Wizard – No.3 for Article Submission Software

Article Submission Wizard | Article Submission Software


Article Submission Wizard has been around for some time. It is a semi-automatic article submission software with 138 preloaded article directories. You may choose to add more article directories as you go along.

Why We Like This Article Submission Software

There are many software that claim to be able to submit automatically to free article directories but fail to deliver results of excellent quality like Article Post Robot and Instant Article Submitter. The problem with these software is they either hang halfway through or like most article submission software fail to submit the articles under the right category. Some even do a bad job in formatting the article for submission, and end up filling trashy, poorly formatted text to article directories. Obviously many human-reviewed article directories would reject them.

Article Submission Wizard avoids this by allowing you to manually select the category to submit under. What this tool does is it auto-populates the submission form with article content, title, summary etc and once you select the category and click submit, you can move on to the next one. While this feature requires you to spend time logging in and submitting to each directory manually, the task is much simpler and faster than submitting by hand. Obviously, this is where it lags behind Article Post Robot and Instant Article Submitter. The interface is easy to understand and the tool runs without any bug or glitch.

So the conclusion is out. Article Post Robot is the best choice for article submission software of many internet marketers, followed by Instant Article Submitter. If you don't mind the rudimentary but powerful features of Article Submission Wizard, go for it.

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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Article Submission Software | Submit Articles

Article Submission – Why Submit Articles and Use Article Submission Software?

Article submission or article marketing is nothing new for expert internet marketers, but for the lay person, it can seem puzzling why people submit articles. If you have been searching for information on the internet, more often than not, you would come across articles or literature written by folks over the globe. Chances are you probably think they are full-time authors or authors who are paid for these writings. After all, unless your ego is so huge, or you are an idler who has unlimited time at your disposal, who would write articles for free? But the truth is, many of these article writers do it for free at the article directories. And they do it for a reason – to get exposure for their websites, or they are establishing themselves as experts in the topic they are writing about. Traditionally, authors would submit their articles manually to article submission directories. But times have changed with the emergence of article submission software that does a neat job of submitting the articles either semi-automatically or automatically.

Article submission has many benefits. Each time when you submit an article to a free article directory, you are allowed to leave a link in the author resource box. What happens next is these article submission directories would post your article on their website and for the larger article directories such as EzineArticles, GoArticles, HotLib, etc would distribute your article to their network of publishers. First and foremost, this would bring targeted traffic to your website whenever anyone reads your article. Who reads your articles and where does your targeted traffic come from anyway?

1. Article Submission Directories

Visitors looking for information would also head to these article submission directories to find them. Some article directories have established themselves as major online resources for research material. These folks would inadvertently find your article and may then go to your website for a look.

2. Publishers’ Websites and Ezines

Depending on how popular your topic is and how well written your article is, publishers may publish your article in their ezines or websites. Their ezine subscribers or website visitors may follow the link and come to your website.

3. Search Engines

A well written article that is optimized for specific keywords may get to rank high in the search engine results. Search engine traffic, also known as organic traffic is one of the most targeted traffic you can get for your website. Imagine your article is featured in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN on page 1 for your keyword. Wow! Be prepared for a huge avalanche of traffic, get more Adsense income, make more sales, and recruit more subscribers for your ezine list.

While article submission or article marketing is a powerful means of driving targeted traffic, it is only effective if you submit your article to many directories. The manual process of submitting your articles to the thousands of online article submission directories can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. It probably takes you several days to a week to post one article to 500 – 1000 article submission directories. We hate data entry. What about you?

Whoever came up with article submission software are really geniuses. Seeing the merit in distributing articles to as many article directories as possible, software developer often authors themselves developed state-of-the-art article submission software to automate or semi-automate manual tasks like filling the blank fields in article submission forms and submitting to each directory one by one systematically.

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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Article Submission Software

Article Submission Software

Learn everything you need to know about article marketing and article submission software. You will find some useful tips about article submission and why any webmaster is missing out big time if you are not using article marketing as a website promotion strategy. We will also reveal to you the merits of using an article submission software.

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